Technologies to the fore. What does it spell for the upcoming year?

The speed at which technology is changing spells the fortune for the new businesses.  In fact it is reshaping the business landscape.  The external   innovation, the divergent path the consumer has taken and the limitations are what are driving the digital world.

These days the technology advancements and new digital markets are often the key to an organizations future.  Organizations must adapt to the evolving market place to succeed.

There are five major “generational scale” changes to the computing landscape happening at about the same time.  They are a) Mobility, b) Social media, c) Cloud computing, d) Consumerization and e) Big data.

Given the virility and pervasiveness of consumer technology, the latter is by far the most likely scenario. I) Next generation mobile smart devices and tablets. It’s obvious to the casual observer these days that smart mobile devices based on iOS, Android and even OS/ QN X are seeing widespread use.  Enterprise software vendors and IT departments are beginning to adapt to the smart devices of late.

  1. II) Social media: Social business and enterprise 2.0. This media has already surpassed that workhorse of the modern enterprise and email. Increasingly the world is using social networks and other social media based services to stay in touch, communicate and collaborate.  However the more significant value preposition of social media requires business transformation.

There are a growing number of established social media adoption strategies.

III) Cloud Computing: Cloud technologies are adopted for more reasons than just cost reduction.  Cloud computing is being used steadily for non-mission critical applications and some are even beginning to downsize their data centres.  Business agility, vendor choice and access to next generation architectures are all benefits of employing the latest cloud computing architectures.

Cloud computing- adoption will be held back and favoured largely for new development.

  1. IV) Consumerization of IT: Consumerization also very much has to do with its usage model which eschews enterprise complexity for external usability and radically low barriers to participation. Consumer technology often isn’t enterprise ready.
  2. V) Big Data: Businesses are drowning in data more than ever before, yet have surprisingly little access to it. The term “big data” was coined to describe new technologies and techniques that can handle an order of magnitude or two more data than enterprises are today, something existing RDBMS technology can’t do it in a scalable manner or cost effectively.

Now that we know the five key areas of technology advancements.  Let’s see the top 10 challenges of implementing new technology:

1) Avoiding technology for technology’s sake: How can one be sure of the pertinence of technology to business needs?

2) Creating a vision: Start with a small, focused implementation instead of trying to use one tool to solve every problem for everyone.

3) Money, Money and Money- One has to be creative with funding  sources which meets several needs with one implementation

4) Professional development- There should be ongoing  professional development  to address challenges later in the  implementation.

5)Get everyone onboard-Every implementation provide an opportunity for teachers to express concerns in a productive  way, offer  individual coaching  and set clear expectation for usage.

6) Scheduling for success- Allocating technology resources is clearly one of the biggest challenges  of any implementation.

7) Systems and procedures: They need to be streamlined for users and technology providers

8) Unlocking student motivation:

9)Data and progress monitoring: Try to remember the vision  you created for your  implementation routinely monitored program data and communicate  successes and areas for improvement with your teacher.

10) Happily ever after: maintaining the enthusiasm

Thus overseeing  the leverages  of technological  advancements for the new year  we can be rest assured  of the  challenges  we are faced with.

Techno Twit Solutions wishes its clients, vendors and suppliers all the very best for this year.  The entire team on board Techno Twit is moving ahead on board with enthusiasm to serve its goals for its clients and employees.





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