Tech Milk Dairy

Tech Milky software has been especially designed for milk collection centre’s at village level to handle their day to day accounts and dairy activities. Tech Milky software is fully integrated with Ultrasonic Eko Milk Analyzer Machines, Lacto Analyzers& Weighing scales for FAT / SNF and weight calculations respectively, so that at the time of morning and evening shift, there are number of farmers, handling their rush and calculations is very tedious process, that can be handled very easily with Tech Milky.

In the development of Tech Milky software our team’s major focus is on its interface. As such most of the users are layman about computers and they need a solution that do not require any training or technical support. India’s First time software esp. for milk dairies operate in your own regional language like Marathi, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Gujarati Etc.


SMS plugin of Tech Milky software lets you send automatic SMS to farmers on milk purchase entry, payments, outstanding payments etc. Configure milk rates yourself. Even you can import milk rate list from excel worksheet also.

Along with Milk purchase and sale, a dairy deals in other stock items like butter, ghee, cattel feed, cattel medicines etc., stock of these items can be maintained very easily in Tech Milky software.

Its pretty easy to implement Tech Milky software. No Accounts or computer training required, no experience required. Anyone with knowledge of basic computer operations can operate it very comfortably. Download Tech Milky software and start using.


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