Tech Courier

Software for Courier Agencies to Record Daily consignments, Make accurate monthly bills, Define party wise rates for all zones. Import existing data from excel. High protection with user defined rights, Integrated with Financial Accounting.

A Courier agency provides various services like parcels, documents (Dox), overseas etc. Customers are charged for these services as per weight and location where their consignments are to be delivered. For example if consignment weight is below 1 kg and to be delivered in metros then charges are Rs. 40, for every additional 1 kg Rs. 20 will be charged extra. In non-metros or remote areas, charges are Rs. 50 below 1 kg and Rs. 30 per additional 1 kg etc. etc.… Read More

Tech Coaching

Tech Coaching Software Esp. for Institutes like Computer Centers, Competitive exams training centers, Tution Centers, Academies, Beauty Parlor Training Institutes, Music Training Centers, Health clubs etc.

Tech Coaching helps you maintain everything that is important to computerize any institute like recording daily routine enquiries / leads, student admissions, fee management with flexible EMI structure for individual students, Course structure, Attendance Management, Exams, Financial Accounts, Cash Management, Easy Banking with bank reconciliation Statement and cheque printing, Interest Calculation, GST Vouchers, SMS Facility and much more. Even you can print student’s ID Cards, Enquiry form, Admission forms with photo using Tech Coaching ERP Software.

Data punching in Tech Coaching software is pretty easy. You can import your existing Enquiries and admission records using excel in Tech Coaching Software.… Read More

Tech Drycleaner

Tech Drycleaner Software has been especially designed for dry-cleaners / laundries with automatic tag printing, Store Pictures of customer as well as items, Easy Order and Delivery Management, Complete CRM, Processing In Store, Simple Accounting and easy to operate environment.

In Dry Cleaners Trade, A dry cleaner has a very complicated problem to manage and record the identity of particular item of a client. Many times garments are exchanged between the clients. This situation creates a big problem for a dry cleaner. It creates a question mark on his work style and goodwill. To overcome the identification problem of each item, we covered it with ‘Tag’. The tag is appx. 2”x2” in size and contains information such as date of order receipt, Date and time of delivery, Customer Name, Contact No, Total No. of garments etc. Using Tech Drycleaner software tags can be printed on “Buckram” cloth or tafta paper. These tags are not washed away in any dry clean or laundry process.… Read More

Tech Milk Dairy

Tech Milky software has been especially designed for milk collection centre’s at village level to handle their day to day accounts and dairy activities. Tech Milky software is fully integrated with Ultrasonic Eko Milk Analyzer Machines, Lacto Analyzers& Weighing scales for FAT / SNF and weight calculations respectively, so that at the time of morning and evening shift, there are number of farmers, handling their rush and calculations is very tedious process, that can be handled very easily with Tech Milky.

In the development of Tech Milky software our team’s major focus is on its interface. As such most of the users are layman about computers and they need a solution that do not require any training or technical support. India’s First time software esp. for milk dairies operate in your own regional language like Marathi, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Gujarati Etc.… Read More

Tech Grocery

E.R.P. Software For Grocery Commission Agents, Fruits and Vegetable Dealers, Order Suppliers, APMC Yard Agents, Flower Market Dealers, Forwarding Agents, Hotel Order Supplier to help them make Supplier / Customer Bills, Manage Rate / Weight Adjustment, Maintain Self and Party Stock, Calculate Accurate Accounts, Handle Crates, Control Stores and much more.

Works of hours can be completed in minutes with the help of Tech Grocery Software. As per our survey, business in Grocery Market is very good and profitable. An average commission agent sells fruits and vegetable in 1 or 2 hours in morning. But to maintain his records manually, he has to spend 7 to 8 hrs, If this work is carried out with the help of Tech Grocery ERP software, he will be able to maintain his accounts in 15 to 30 mins.… Read More

Tech Emerald

E.R.P. Software for Shuttering / Scaffolding stores to help make accurate rental bills, manage stock; control leakage, record daily issue / receipt challans, maintain hire / unhire items records, fully integrated with Financial Accounting and GST reports

Scaffolding / Shuttering business is not like other trades, in which we feed purchase and sale entries to maintain our stock and accounts. In Shuttering Stores, The businessman provides material to its customers for construction of their building / roads etcon rental basis. Items are issued and received at different time intervals. There are so many other incidental charges / losses that need to be recorded carefully e.g. freight paid, items received in broken conditions, consumables, missing / damaged components etc. At the end of month a bill is to be dispatched to every customer. In manual working bill generation is a very much time consuming and tedious process. Using Tech Emerald ERP Software you can create your rental bills in nano seconds to control leakage and convert your loss into profit.… Read More

Tech LAB

Software for Clinical Labs to maintain record of patients with accurate test reports Like Biochemistry, Serology, widal, HB, TLC, DLC, Complete Blood Test etc. Easy to handle, Fast Implementation, Completely customizable with own Tests and formulations. Tech LAB Software helps you generate accurate test reports, maintain patient records, doctor profit sharing& keep total control over your Lab business.

Tech LAB is such a solution that handles your precious data in a very compact and secured method, there is no file system so that your data redundancy is totally minimized. Tech LAB is so simple software to operate. There is no need to learn, no need for any training of computers.… Read More

Tech School

Education ERP Software for Schools & Colleges to handle Enquiries, Admissions, Fee Management, Transport Management, Concession Records, Library,Attendance, Time-Table, Certificates, ID Card Printing, Reminder Letters, Demand Register, SMS, Birthday, Complete Stock Management, Accurate Financial Accounting & more.

Tech School is fully integrated school management software introduced to simplify the complexities faced in daily school operations so intelligently and perfectly. As a result within no time, Tech School has reached millions of people and now it is been used by thousands of educational institutions all over the globe for all management, administration and finance related activities.… Read More


ERP Software for Pharma Retailers, Wholesalers, Chemists and Druggists, Medicine Shops, Hospital Dispensaries, Ayurvedic Medicine Dealers, Homoeopathy Drug Stores, 24 hour medical shops to maintain their stock accurately, Manage Financial accounts perfectly and generate customer invoices beautifully. Helps easily calculate medicine schemes, deals, remember party wise rate list, keep a watch over expiry, maintain narcotics, schedule H, schedule H1 registers, make quick payment and even print cheques in professional way.

Fully integrated with GST right from GST Billing to Returns, just need to start your billing and you will see all the reports like, b2b, b2cl, b2cs, hsn summary, exports, nil rated, GSTR3B, GSTR-2 everything generated automatically at a single click.… Read More

Tech POS

GST Ready Retail POS ERP Software for Readymade Garments, Apparels, Footwear Showrooms with Barcode Label Printing, Complete Stock Management, Financial Accounting, Complete GST from Billing to E-Filing, SMS Plugin. Highly protected with user rights and automatic Backup facility.

Eco-Barcode labeling in Tech POS software helps to print barcode labels on barcode printer as well as your existing laser printer saving a lot of money and space.

In Readymade garments stores, items are managed under different article numbers, different sizes & different colors. In retail showrooms while entering purchase entry, every item has to be mentioned with its Article No., Size and Color and due to heavy rush of customers, it is not feasible to input each item’s details. Using “Tech POS” Software, We can import Purchase entry from excel sheet that comes from your vendor. It saves a lot of your valuable time.… Read More